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  • tactile-membrane-switch

    Techprint designs and manufactures all widely accepted membrane switch technologies. From standard flat switches to hybrid flex and rigid circuit designs, Techprint can assist in your specific custom requirements. We support our products with total in-house capabilities and superior technical support. US manufacturing and design capability is accomplished at our 55,000 square ft facility in Massachusetts. We provide low cost manufacturing capacity with our Asian supply partners in the Far East.

    Techprint has completed thousands of unique switch designs that span the industrial, medical, instrumentation, and security markets. Membrane Switch technologies that include;

    • Tactile & Non-tactile, Metal Dome & Polydome
    • Polymer-thick Film, Polyimide, or FR4 substrates
    • LED, EL, and Fiber backlighting
    • AMP, Nicomatic, FCI connector systems
    • Harsh & Rugged Environmental solutions
    The Techprint ISO9001 certification includes Design Certification, this designation insures a robust design and approval process that includes customer collaboration in all facets of the development cycle including; design review, design verification, first article, and design validation.

  • Medical Keyboard

    Techprint designs and manufactures a variety of keyboard technologies to meet your custom requirements. Our total in-house capabilities give us the ability to design, engineer, prototype, and manufacture for the life of your product. Our Asian supply partners give us a competitive advantage for low cost manufacturing. Our design experience spans electronic assemblies, mechanical switch assemblies, complete control panels, and value added assemblies.

    Techprint designs with the latest component technologies to provide a reliable and durable solution. We incorporate rubber keypads, mechanical keys, trackballs, touchpads, joysticks, and all types of user interface technologies. The keys can have customized tactile feel, graphics, backlighting, and programmable. Techprint works as your design agent in meeting industry approvals, such as; UL, CSA, ITAR, CE, FCC, ESD, etc.

  • Roll to Roll Printed Electronics

    Techprint specializes in the design and manufacturing of printed electronic products. Our in-house printing utilizes high speed automatic press equipment for screen-printing, flexography, pad printing, and hot stamp. We offer engineering support for design, prototyping, and final volume manufacturing. We have extensive experience in all types of materials and inks to meet your custom requirements. We provide complete in-house product manufacturing capabilities.

    Techprint has designed and manufactured various printed electronic products for the industrial, medical, instrumentation, and security markets;

    • Medical Bio-Sensors
    • Thin film Batteries
    • RFID antennas
    • Flex circuits
    • Pressure sensor switches
    • Smart cards
    • Thermal sensors
    • Transdermal patches
    • Shielding and Insulators

  • Graphic Overlay Labels

    Techprint can design anything from a graphic overlay to a nameplate that identifies a company or product. Our graphic overlays can have many different colors and complex graphics. Techprint designs, manufactures, and prints a variety of graphic overlays including permanent, removable, tamper evident, and FDA approved ones. We use a wide array of materials such as polycarbonates, polyesters and vinyl. Finish options offered include clear, matte, brushed, velvet, suede, embossed, and UV clear and matte hard coats.

    We offer the most comprehensive custom nameplate option in the industry. Our experience in manufacturing capabilities enables our customers to choose from a wide variety of custom nameplates including Lexan, Polyester, Aluminum, and more. Our nameplates are best suited for long life applications and are also abrasion and solvent resistant. Our nameplates come with a number of finishing options including raised, etched, molded, anodized, embossed, magnetic, silkscreen, offset, die cut, straight cut, and radius corner. Our embossing gives a three-dimensional appeal to even a simple nameplate. Etching is one of the most versatile types of name plates that are used as an alternative to embossing to create texture and dimension. Our etching is more resilient to dents, wear and tear.

    Our graphic capabilities ranging from pencil to pen & ink, from watercolor painting to airbrushing combined with computer graphics provides a cutting edge of design technology. Our designers can work on both Macintosh and IBM design software

    Our breadth of materials, design ingenuity, and embossing capabilities help us to deliver on time and match your custom needs. Our processes adhere to ISO 9001:2000, UL, CSA, IPC, ESD, and RoHS Compliant standards

  • emi-window-membrane-switch

    Techprint offers shielding products and insulators that are an integral consideration to electronic device or electronics system design.

    Electromagnetic radiation may be emitted from an electrical circuit, electronic component, electronic warfare or any electrical device. It may also be created as an after effect of nuclear explosion. Our electro-mechanical design ensures complete protection against such radiations. Our design techniques include mechanical or electromagnetic shielding and circuit filtering design. Our shielding products are designed for low and high frequency electrical applications in commercial and military aircrafts, and military weapons systems.

    Our manufacturing capabilities include: die cutting, laser cutting, laminating, embossing, rotary die cutting, fabrication and contract assembly. Our graphic and engineering design personnel work with clients to determine the best product design with the latest state-of-the-art technology. We provide complete converting and finishing options and our processes adhere to ISO 9001:2000, UL, CSA, IPC, ESD, and RoHS Compliant standards.

  • UV-Inkjet-flatbed

    Techprint supports a range of signage with superior graphic solutions though its plastic screen printing and design capabilities. We can execute projects ranging from a single banner to manufacturing an array of signage. We specialize in trade show graphics and our graphic capabilities range from pencil to pen & ink, to watercolor painting and airbrushing combined with computer graphics, offering a cutting edge of design technology. Our screen printing can handle substrates of any shape, thickness and size. We utilize fully automatic and high speed printing presses to handle large volume runs.

    We also have the expertise to handle several other print technologies including flexographic, silkscreen, hotstamp and thermal transfer.

    We offer CAD / CAM support, design assistance, prototype, short run production, high volume production, and inspection or quality control. We also assist in upgrading or redesigning, re-evaluating or modernizing existing products to increase performance and/or reduce manufacturing costs.

    Our graphic and engineering design personnel work with clients to determine the best product design with the latest state-of-the-art technology. We provide complete converting and finishing options and our processes adhere to ISO 9001:2000, UL, CSA, IPC, ESD, and RoHS Compliant standards.